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Going through divorce can take a toll on a person not only emotionally but also financially. The parties to such divorce face the problem of how they should pay for their divorce. This article will provide a few methods that you can be done to help solve that problem. If a person is in a marriage where the other spouse is the one who earns the dominant share of the money and also controls how this money is spent, the use of such money as retainer will be difficult. The services of an attorney cannot be on a “lawyer now, pay later” because in Texas family law cases,  lawyers representing clients on a contingency fee is not permitted. Retainer fees must be paid up front to family law attorneys and the amount of such retainers vary from each lawyers.  Most people do not even have saved up money for emergencies, let alone for a lawyer so if a person has a few thousand dollars saved up that can be used to pay for the divorce, then he or she is lucky. However, if it is otherwise, the following tips below might help in paying for the divorce. Savings Account Savings account is probably the most tried and true source of payment for a divorce lawyer. Savings account is normally for emergency funds, but if a person is anticipating a divorce in the future, then the savings account can be really helpful in paying for a lawyer. A lawyer’s retainer fee can be seen as an anticipated expense that one should save up for. If a person does not have a savings account or if he or she is avoiding the risk of leaving any money in any account that the ex-spouse can possibly have access to, then setting aside money […]

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This is just a quick introductory post to let everyone know what I intend to do with this blog. There are a couple purposes, one of which is occasionally I see an issue that intrigues me, or that I simply want to rant a bit about. Another reason is that I see a lot of people confused about various family law issues that could be easily answered in a few minutes. Many of these people don’t even really need an attorney, and hopefully this blog might help them be better educated about some topics. Additionally, some people think they know more than they do, and this blog might help them question that belief and either do more research on their own, or consult an attorney. Things may change as time goes on, but hopefully this will be a good source of information for the public. If anyone sees information they disagree with or think is wrong, please write a comment about it or send me a message. I will read it, I promise! I am also not infallible by any stretch of the imagination, and the quicker I correct my mistakes the better. Just to note, this blog is designed solely for educational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice of any kind. If there are any suggestions for what types of things people would like to see posts about, let me know and I will try to accommodate. Until then, ill try to get some posts up as soon as I can!

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During the course of the marriage, the possibility of not disclosing all one’s asset is likely. The question now is: what happens if a one of the spouses finds out that their ex-spouse failed to disclose assets that were available to them during a divorce and the divorce has already been finalized?  Emotionally, of course the party who found out about the undisclosed assets would be upset and would demand for their share of such undisclosed asset. A suit should be filed regarding this matter to the court that finalized the divorce since the same retained jurisdiction over the matter. The spouse must be able to prove that this undisclosed asset of the other spouse has been existing during the time of their divorce. Otherwise, the request for shares would have to be denied. This is based on the state’s Family Law. Division of property after divorce in Texas If the divorce has already been finalized and one of the ex-spouses wants split up property, they must refer to sections 9.201 and 9.203 of the Texas Family Code. It states that the only property that was existing at the time of the divorce can be split up after both parties and the presiding judge have signed the divorce decree. If a spouse has sold a piece of property or cause the dissolution of such through other means before the divorce is finalized, it must be proved that this spouse has committed fraud in doing this. In Texas, as a requirement in the divorce proceedings and part of the discovery process, both of the spouses have to fill out and submit before the court and to the opposing party a sworn inventory and appraisement of assets. The appraisement is the part where the parties assign dollar values to certain assets to […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Void Marriage in Texas
Void marriage in Texas is one of the topics we get asked about pretty often. If you have questions about void marriage in Texas, you can check out the ones we listed below for more information. We hope that this will help you have a better understanding of how and when a marriage is considered void in the state of Texas. Of course, there could be different circumstances surrounding your case which could have a huge impact on your case. Keep in mind that the questions and answers we included on this page are general ones, and you should talk to an attorney to get more specific information about your case.   What is considered a void marriage?   A void marriage in Texas is a marriage that is considered unlawful and invalid in the state. It is considered invalid from the onset of the marriage.   How is Void Marriage different from a voidable marriage?   Void marriage in Texas is something that never existed in the first place. A voidable marriage, on the other hand, is something that exists until the court annuls it.   What is the difference between a void marriage and a divorce?   A divorce is a lawsuit you file to end a marriage that is valid. A void marriage is a suit you file to get the court to consider your marriage as invalid from the beginning. Even without a court decision, a void marriage is not considered legal.   How can a marriage be declared as Void Marriage in Texas?   There is a legal procedure, referred to as a suit to declare marriage void that can be used to determine if a marriage is void from the very beginning. There are certain factors that the court will consider to determine if […]

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Social media has provided strong manifestations that resulted to taking steps into infidelity. According to the information gathered and analyzed by Mckinley Irvin, a Pacific Northwest family law firm, 1 out of 3 divorces has online affairs as the reason. The director of the Social Media Graduate Program at the University of Florida, Andrew Selepak said that social media makes cheating easier because the people have the tools to get in touch with the people from their past. This normally occurs when an old flame posts something on their profile such as their photo and it will pop out of the timeline of people, or normally, Facebook, through its algorithm, will suggest a person to become friends with “someone you may know.” Facebook is considered the “Tinder” of past significant others, or people one  briefly dated, according to Selepak.  However, social media also makes getting caught easier. Photos, posts, and messages leave a trail especially to someone is not knowledgeable in covering their social media tracks. Social media as evidence in divorce court In most cases, logging out of their account is something a cheating partner forgets to do. This leaves the door wide open for the other partner who is already suspicious which will enable him or her to gather all the evidence they need in the event that they do decide to file for divorce. A lot of lawyers nowadays who take on divorce cases uses social media, especially Facebook, as the main source for tracking down infidelity. A private investigator will be hired to gather the social media accounts of the client and get as much information from the social media of the opposing party as possible. A secret account, specific post, or simply a lead can all be found in one social media alone, which is […]

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Now that it is almost Valentines Day, let’s talk about relationships more. I’ve already posted on Infidelity, but, let’s delve deeper and talk about how exactly to deal after finding out, after it has been going on for quite a while and you’ve known for that long as well. Whether you are a long-time couple or already married, it is infidelity that worries most people. It is cheating that we fear most in our relationships. It is when you lose trust to your partner and lose confidence within yourself. The result of your partner cheating on you leaves you feel insecure. It breaks every foundation of marriage. Here are some situations that may help you decide and go through the pain that infidelity has caused you. What should I do when I discover my spouse cheating on me? Strong emotions results to bad decisions. Always remember that immediately deciding on your relationship might get you regretting in the near future. At least, let all emotions pass before giving verdict to your cheating partner. As painful as it maybe, not thinking twice will make things worse. However, don’t keep all negative emotions just within you. Let it out. Spending a day or two alone can help you think and clear your mind. You can spit everything out and this can make your baggage lighter.  What to do if you still want to save your marriage? The most important thing that keeps a relationship going, other than love perhaps, is trust. You cannot always worry and, from time to time, sneak onto your partner’s things or phone just to make sure he or she is not doing it again. If you have chosen to stay in your relationship after infidelity, you also need to do some adjustments. Yes, it is your partner’s […]

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Divorce is difficult, but not all divorces are created equally.  Here in Austin and Greater Metro Area, more and more people are choosing to resolve their family law issues via the collaborative process.  Collaborative divorce is a method of dispute resolution where the spouses agree from the beginning that they are each going to retain attorneys who will work as settlement specialists and who will not engage in court battles. Here are the top 5 reasons any Texas couple considering a split should choose collaborative divorce:   Privacy Rather than have their dirty laundry aired in a public courthouse, spouses going through a collaborative divorce resolve all issues through privileged and confidential discussions in a private conference room. This can be especially important for business-owners, professionals, and high-profile Florida residents who are concerned about the public release of either financial details or embarrassing personal shortcomings.   Respect By its very nature, divorces that go through the court system are adversarial.  They pit husband versus wife, mother versus father, as each side tries to prove to a judge that he or she is a better parent or deserves more money.  In contrast, collaborative divorce is a team-based method of conflict resolution, where attorneys help the spouses attack the problem rather than attack one another.  The attorneys help foster an atmosphere of respect and dignity within discussions. Parents and their children (whether minor or adult) are the ones who benefit the most from this aspect of collaborative divorce, as though the marriage is ending, the relationship as co-parents will continue.   Efficiency Ninety percent or more of all divorce cases end up settling, whether before filing a petition for dissolution of their marriage or after the parties have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years going through trial but right before a […]

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Every marriage two people have is different from other marriages, as well as the relationship that was established between these people and the tiny shelter, literal and figurative, they built for each other. However, unlike marriage, the process of divorce is practically the same for every couple, since the latter follow the same laws, submit the same documents, plus maybe slight differences when it comes to matters or issues surrounding the divorce. There is no need for a lawyer If you can settle the matters amicably with your partner, you can do away without an attorney.  Hiring a divorce lawyer will cost you, a cheap or an expensive service is still a money taken away from your pocket or your bank savings. The moment you decided to call it quits with your partner, you are already faced with the expenses that come along with divorce, especially when you have children and there is an issue of child support and possession. Utilize the internet The internet has evolved through time, and right now, things are easier and accessible with one, easy click. If you are worried about doing the paperwork wrong, there are documents samples and forms available online for your usage, just be sure to click legitimate sites to help you in the process. Print and fill up the details required and you are a step nearer into getting things done.   Invest on other professionals Instead of a lawyer, you may avail the services of a family law mediator who may help you fix the contested issues in your divorce. A mediator serves as the neutral third party and a facilitator in the discussion of matters concerning the divorce, such as but not limited to child custody arrangements, child possession or visitation, child support, and division of property.  In […]

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