how to get a better share in a texas divorce

How To Maximize Your Share of Your Marital Estate in a Texas Divorce

 Getting a divorce is a serious step in life, and for sure you won’t be undergoing a Texas Divorce for no reason. There could be one big reason or a hundred little things that made you decide to embark on the process of getting a Texas divorce. It can be messy and complicated especially when you get to the part where your marital properties and assets are to be divided.  Let’s say you have a strong reason for getting a Texas divorce. Would it then be possible for you to get a bigger or better share of your marital properties?   Reason for Divorce and its Effect on Your Finances   It is possible to get a Texas divorce despite having no strong reason for it. You can simply go to court and get a divorce by stating that you have irreconcilable differences or that you simply can’t get along with your spouse. This is pretty common and this kind of divorce is considered a ‘no fault’ divorce.   There are also some faults that can be considered as grounds for divorce, such as adultery. When you find out that your spouse is not being faithful to you, you can […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Annulment

Frequently Asked Questions About Annulment in Texas

What is an annulment? Annulment is a legal procedure that would invalidate your marriage – so it will mean that you were never married. In order to go for annulment, you need to qualify for it. Once you are granted an annulment, your status will be single and you can remarry. It basically cancels and erases a marriage. It declares basically that your marriage never married. Can a court divide property in an annulment? The court will issue orders regarding the children and the separation of property in an annulment. The court will also determine which properties and assets are community property and which ones are separate property. These will be divided accordingly. What happens to the children in the annulment? When there are children from your marriage and you want the marriage annulled, you will have to submit a SAPCR (Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship) which will determine the rights and duties of each parent towards the children.  Will an annulment affect the presumption of paternity? No. The husband will always be the presumed father of the child if the marriage took place before the birth of the child or if the child was born during the marriage. He […]

divorce and child custody mediation

Preparing For Divorce Mediation

Television and the media certainly do not depict divorce and child custody in a positive light. What we see on television and in movies are couples getting a divorce and eventually ending up intensely arguing in the courtroom. The couples getting a divorce are usually mean to each other and their lawyers are no matter. In TV shows, judges even fall asleep in open court if the ongoing trial is without drama. Mind you, this is not the case in real-life divorces. While it’s possible to be nasty to each other in and outside of the court throughout the entire divorce case, you will have more options than doing just that. In real life, couples undergoing a divorce realize quickly enough that the best way to resolve their issues is to be civil towards each other. Constant fighting is the worst way to resolve issues – most of the time, it does not solve anything. On the other hand, discussing pertinent issues with your spouse with hopes to reach an agreement have higher ‘success rates’ in terms of getting what you want and ending up with a divorce that is satisfactory for both parties. Not only that but going for […]

served divorce papers

What to Do When You Are Served With Divorce Papers

  You could have been talking with your spouse about getting a divorce or you could be totally in the dark when you receive your divorce papers from a law enforcement officer. Whatever your level of awareness is, getting served your divorce papers can be a quite unnerving experience. You will basically be notified that a lawsuit has been filed in court against you. You will also be informed that you need to respond within a set period of time. Most of the people served with divorce papers feel a certain apprehension when they receive such a notification because it’s a lawsuit – and most people feel that they haven’t done anything wrong to warrant such a thing. The paperwork you will receive will, of course, be in English, but you would be surprised to see that it’s not quite readable. At least not like how you can read a newspaper or a magazine. There will also be instructions that will come with the paperwork but it won’t be easy to understand it – definitely not straightforward. When you find yourself in this situation, you might not know exactly what to do next.   How to Handle the Situation   […]