Divorce is always painful for both men and women. There is no clear divide on whether there are more divorces initiated by men or by women. However, many lawyers find these mistakes that men usually make when they receive the divorce petition. Taking the Men’s Club Advice There is a tendency for men to brush off the divorce or take the petitions lightly. When they do this, they may start the proceeding unprepared and without a concrete plan of action. In contrast, the petitioner (wife) is prepared, with proper advice from her lawyers even before they filed for divorce. Other […]

What Mistakes Men Usually Make During Divorce

An enforcement case is implemented when one party of a divorced couple has violated one or more decrees of the court. In this case, the party in error may be charged for contempt. This is the basic premise of an enforcement case, but it is more complex than that. If you are planning to file and win an enforcement case in a Texas family court, these are the things you must observe: The rule or decree that your ex-spouse has violated should be clearly stated in writing at the final decrees. Any violation of an agreement that is not stated […]

How to Prepare For and Win on an Enforcement Case in Texas Family Court

When you mention the word “divorce” there is always the image of two people in an intense argument. Movies and TV shows have always depicted divorce in a negative light, which is why it is avoided at all costs. Divorce may have had a bad rap because of our penchant for polarities. Our view of marriage as blissful and heavenly leads us to believe that the end of a marriage is the polar opposite–with doom and rage, bickering until both parties are left in shambles. Debunking the Myth The myth that you can never have an amicable divorce has long […]

An Amicable Divorce: Why It’s Possible

Islamic laws allow Muslims to obtain a valid divorce. Muslims in the United States have to obtain a divorce decree from a civil court clothed with authority and jurisdiction. Otherwise, the divorce will not have the force and effect of the law. Just like non-Muslim Americans, Muslim Americans can also resort to private methods to mediate their divorces and resolve disputes. Imams are the ones who act as a third-party arbitrator in these situations. The process of divorce in Islam There is no uniform way to do such across the country.  An attempt at reconciliation is the first objective of […]

Islamic Divorce in Texas

A divorce trial can be very contentious and stressful, so you would be very thankful when it’s all over. However, the hassle would continue if you find the final orders unacceptable. Is there still a way to overturn the decision? Appealing the Court Decision The family court has jurisdiction for divorce cases. Thus, the rules of the family court apply. If you want to appeal the final orders of your divorce, you have to do it within thirty days. When appealing civil cases in Texas, you cannot only air your objection to the final orders. It must be shown that […]

How to Appeal the Court’s Decision on Your Divorce

The decision to get a divorce may be difficult to arrive at. Some people are still in the process of deciding on whether or not they want a divorce. Other people might have already decided, but are deciding on when to get it done. But for other people, sometimes their decision is only being held back by the fact that they’re overseas. While being in another country may sound like an obstacle to getting a divorce, it actually isn’t. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to actually get a divorce processed while you’re overseas. The Process Getting divorced from […]

How to Process a Divorce while Overseas