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The world is currently being taken over by a pandemic known as the novel coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. After a few months, the virus has spread practically all over the world. People are scrambling, trying to figure out how to deal with this new and never-before-seen type of coronavirus. While scientists are still trying to find a cure for the virus, we should not panic. There are still ways to protect yourself from the virus and avoid contracting it. The Current Situation in Texas and US As of March 14, the number of coronavirus cases in the US has […]

Protecting Your Family from COVID-19

A grandparent can have a number of different roles in every child’s life. Some grandparents are relatives that kids see every now and then. Others are like another set of parents that help take care of them. Whatever the situation, grandparents are family. Many family members will do their part in helping out. In some instances, though, grandparents end up becoming more than just a relative. Some assume loads more responsibilities over their grandchildren. A court case is one of those situations where this can be seen. Testifying for Their Grandchild In some families, grandparents become more hands-on and involved […]

A Grandparent’s Role in A Juvenile Court Case

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Divorce is a major blow for anyone and for a disabled spouse, going through a divorce might prove to be almost life-threatening. There will be a lot of considerations that you need to think about if you are contemplating on getting a divorce and either you or your spouse is disabled. The person who is disabled will need an able and expert attorney by his or her side to protect his or her rights. There are some pertinent issues that you will have to consider when contemplating divorce with a disabled spouse. Check them out below: 1. Can a disabled […]

Things to Know when Filing for Divorce with a Disabled Spouse   Recently updated !

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Custody battles can get very bloody sometimes. They are called battles after all. And just like any battle, this kind will really test you and even push you to the limit sometimes. But you have to remember to keep on keeping on as these things go along because you’re not only fighting for your child, you’re also kind of fighting yourself. Going through a custody battle can help you grow and learn more about yourself. Don’t Sell Yourself Short You will have to fight for what you want and deserve in a custody battle. You of all people know how […]

5 Things You Learn from a Custody Battle   Recently updated !

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No matter how you put it, a divorce is not going to be easy, nor will it be anywhere near fun. Imagine, all the hard work and effort you exerted into your marriage just down the drain? That would just seem like a waste. There are countless possible causes to why a marriage comes to a divorce. Especially if it was caused by cheating, money gambling, spending problems, substance addiction, abuse, etc. However, even despite all the suspicions that may arise during this rocky times, you should never ever attempt to spy on your spouse, because whatever you do might […]

Don’t Succumb to Spousal Spying   Recently updated !

Child custody and support remain one of the more contentious details of divorce proceedings in Texas. The state of Texas will seek to uphold the parental rights of both parents. This is as long as they have no record of abuse. At the same time, the state will also emphasize the responsibility of the parents look after their children. Thus, even when the parent does not become the primary custodian, Texas courts still impose child support conditions. When the Custodial Parent Dies The issue of child support is secondary if it’s the custodial parent who dies. The first thing to […]

What Happens When the Custodial Parent Dies

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You recently got divorced. Your ex-partner has custody over your kids. Now, you’re living on your own or at least living apart from them. Does this sound familiar? If it does, chances are you might be worrying about how you can still be a father to your children. Well, as much as this is a rather scary thought, this really shouldn’t worry you so much. Just because you don’t have custody over your children doesn’t mean being a father to them is impossible.  There are still some things you can do to work around it. Keep in Touch The first […]

How to Keep Your Role as a Father to Your Kids After Divorce When You Are a Non-Custodial Parent   Recently updated !