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A Child’s Right to Free Speech On the Internet

There is always somewhat of a disconnect between lawmakers, prosecutors, judges, and modern society. Nowhere has that been more apparent to me than the recent case where a Texas child who is currently in jail faces an eight year prison sentence because of a threatening joke in an online game. Two things stand out here. First of which is the lesson for young people (or even old people!) that while you may feel like you are escaping reality while playing online, reality has a way of finding you. The online world is becoming increasingly LESS anonymous, and that trend is likely to continue. While the internet used to be a haven for free speech (even dangerous and vile free speech), the increasing ease of tracking people online has caused an increase in prosecutions for crimes committed in the online world. In this situation, the term “crime” is somewhat loosely applied, but it has applicability to other areas as well, and it is important for EVERYONE to be mindful of their actions. The second thing is more obvious, and that is another example of overzealous prosecution. I am assuming (perhaps wrongly) that the reason this is being pursued is the borderline hysteria […]