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The Worst Financial Mistakes You Can Make During A Divorce

During a divorce you are going to go through some of the worst times you have ever experienced. That is why many people make financial mistakes, too much is going on all at one time. Making a financial mistake will only make the experience worse. We have prepared this article to help you avoid making costly financial mistakes. Not Planning For Expenses A lot of people just spend their money without keeping track of it. This kind of expenditure during a divorce can be risky. There will be extra expenses that you will have to account for. Your lawyer will also need to know how much you spend every month in order to properly defend you. Sitting down and planning out your monthly expenses versus your income is incredibly important. Not Considering Finances When Deciding Where To Live Most people want to keep their family home during the divorce process. While this might help you keep positive memories alive, you need to consider your finances. You will no longer be operating monthly with two people‚Äôs income. Take a look at the monthly mortgage payments and look at your expenses from above to determine whether or not you can realistically continue […]