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One of the most contentious issues in most divorces is the distribution of property. While Texas upholds the principle of community property, the law still has exceptions. The line between separate and communal property can become blurry. Community property does not only pertain to physical possessions. All the assets that both spouses have accumulated and acquired during the marriage. A spouse may try to hide certain assets to avoid its division. How to Discover the Hidden Assets Methods to divulge assets ensure fair and equitable distribution of community property. In the state of Texas, a divorce petitioner can use the […]

Divorce Issues: Hidden Assets

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Like what the popular song “Closing Time” says, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” As a new year begins, some couples may think of ending their marriage for a fresh start.  According to statistics, there are many divorces being filed during the inaugural month of the year. There are many reasons for this. Some emotional stress which got a “push” because of the added holiday stress.   This is a valid reason since the holidays will bring about reunions. The family takes vacations where they spend more time with each other. It may force couples to face […]

Emotional Stress and other Reasons Why Couples Divorce in January

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Under the law of Texas, for legal purposes, a child is only permitted to have one legal set of parents, either biological or adoptive. Adoption is the asking of the court to make people who are not already biological parents of a child the latter’s legal parents. These cases require the careful determination of the court of which parents will serve the overall best interest of the child. To assist the judges in deciding to choose the child’s official set of parents, the process requires  a number of reports and specific studies to show the best interest of the child. […]

Who May Adopt in Texas?

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There are many implications when a couple finalizes their divorce. The effects on custody of the children, residency in the family home and allotment of income for the children. There are also effects on taxation. This is one reason why couples want to finalize their divorce before the year ends. Changes in the Tax Laws Before the end of 2018, Pres. Donald Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Its effect on divorces is with the alimony.  Prior to the law, spouses that pay the alimony can declare a tax deduction for what they pay. Receiving spouses […]

Why Should I Finalize My Divorce Before the End of the Year?

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The holidays are right around the corner and you can’t deny that you feel it in the air somehow. People are starting to be a little cheerier, friends are sharing photos of their holiday preparations, the places you go to are starting to have a little more festive décor. Yes, it’s almost that time of the year again. And whether you love it or dread it, it’s really unavoidable. So, why not just enjoy it? Everyone’s welcome to enjoy the season after all. Even if you’re divorced. Sort Out Your Plans Navigating the holiday season while divorced may seem a […]

Navigating Through the Holidays as a Divorcee

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It is easy when things don’t go your way, and a judge decrees something that you find to be horrible, to blame the judge (they are the determiners of fact after all!) and assume that a different judge would have gotten you a different outcome. Sometimes, this is the case. Judges do have wide discretion in determining who they believe and what weight to give various facts. However, in many situations, the conclusion is all but written in stone based on the law, and the judge is merely the person who is relaying that information to you. This is especially […]

Divorce: Blame the Law Not the Judge