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One thing is for certain, if you want to avoid the complications from issues associated with community property, you need to know more about it. When you have ample knowledge of how it works and how to manage it properly, you’d be able to avoid the nasty complications of community property issues. If you are thinking of or in the process of getting a divorce, you might have come across ‘community property.’ These two words can play a huge role in your divorce but you may not know it quite well yet. A lot of questions should be on your mind when you cross paths with community property for the first time. For example, questions like: “How should I know which ones are community property and which aren’t?” “Is everything in the house considered as community property?” “Is it possible to have properties with you as the sole owner?” Separate Property and Community Property When you are asking about stuff that you can call ‘yours alone,’ you can refer to that as separate property. Basically, according to the Texas Family Code, separate property are things that are owned by one spouse before the marriage. It can also be a property that one spouse received as a gift or inheritance during the course of the marriage, and recovery of personal losses and injuries. It might sound so complicated so we’ll make it simpler for you. Anything you own before you got married, any gifts or any property or money you acquired from a lawsuit is separate property – meaning, it’s totally yours. Your spouse will not have any rights to such properties in the event that you decide to go for a divorce. Now that you know what separate property is, understanding community property is much easier. Community property refers to […]

How to Effectively Guard Yourself Against Community Property Issues

Drug Addiction
Substance abuse is one of the usual cracks in the pavement that can be hard to cover up, especially once it affects people beyond those of the abusers. For example, a rebelling teenager who abuses drugs and alcohol could have his or her parents worried sick over his or her lack of control with addiction and therefore affect them in numerous ways that may be unnoticeable. However, it is so much worse the other way around, especially if it involves underaged children. Since most parents who fall prey over substance abuse tend to do so by neglect of responsibilities, the chances of also neglecting their children during this time will be high. This neglect, in turn, could be considered as child abuse and would thereby allow the authorities to take actions against you.  It is written in most state laws that should any expecting or experienced parent be caught doing substance abuse must be reported to the authorities immediately. Usually, child protective services are alarmed for this cases to ensure that the children of substance abusers are in much safer hands than they were before. Assessments automatically follow after the authorities have been notified.  There are only two overarching harms parents could do to their children while under substance abuse. One is exposing the unborn child to the addiction, which means that the mother has taken illegal drugs or uncontrollable amounts of alcohol during the pregnancy. The second is unintentionally or intentionally exposing them to any illegal drug activity inside the home and surrounding environment while they are growing up. Written below is a list of the frequent reasons and possible circumstances that parents could be charged by the child protective services for: Creating illegal substances in the midst or presence of a child Allowing a child to be in […]

CPS Investigations and Drug Use