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Cycle of Abuse 1
There are a number of common confusions regarding protective orders and how and why to seek one, and even what a protective order can do. Protective orders are the main mechanism that the court system uses to protect people from other people. As opposed to a stay away order, a violation of a protective order is a criminal act resulting in potential jail time in and of itself. This gives the police the authority to arrest an offender simply on the basis of violating the order. Protective orders can be granted when family violence has occurred, and is likely to occur again. The wording of this makes it seem as though physical violence is a requirement, however, this is not always the case. The law allows for threats of violence to be considered family violence for the purpose of a protective order depending on the level of the threat and the likelihood that the person will follow through on their threat. Some of these things are open to interpretation and it will depend on the judge’s interpretation whether the situation rises to the level necessary for a protective order. If this applies to you, and you think that you need to apply for a protective order, there a number of options available. First of which is the county attorney’s office, which is often located in or around the courthouse itself. In most areas, they can represent you free of charge if you meet their set of criteria. Additionally, many domestic violence shelters have victim’s advocates who are well acquainted with the system and may be able to assist you pro se. Finally, you can seek the assistance of a private attorney, who can often help in situations where the county attorney can’t or won’t. The process itself is not overly complicated. Usually, […]

Protective Orders: When Words Fail

soldier parents
If you are an army veteran and a parent, chances are, you have been going through some rough patches with combat stress and possibly, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s pretty normal to be having a hard time adjusting after you’ve served, but don’t stress too much over the fact that it may affect how you raise your children. It will only cause you more stress. You just need a little help, and maybe this just might be what you need. It’s a Change for Everyone After serving in the military, coming home to your family may result in a pretty huge change in the environment- not only for you but also for them. Your children might have already grown and got used to the fact that you are not around. Don’t worry, all they need is some time to get used to you being there now. Don’t rush into it, especially if you see that they are more comfortable with sharing their experiences to and seeking help from the at-home parent. You will all fall into a pattern after some time. They will also be needing some time to adjust to your behavior. Traumatic experiences in the army have changed you. You may not be treated like how they used to treat you before you left. There will be differences not only with them but also with you. Give them time to adjust to you as you adjust to them. Understand Each Other And this isn’t only for your children, but also for your partner as well. Having you back in the picture will be new to your partner who has been used to holding the fortress down, alone, while you were gone. Imagine how hard it was for your spouse as well, having to raise the children alone. Of […]

Combat Stress of Military Parents in a Divorce

There are many situations that might lead CPS in Texas to take your child into their possession. CPS stands for Child Protection Services, and according to the Texas Family Code, it has the authority to handle investigations regarding neglect and abuse against children. CPS in Texas will carry out investigations when there are signs and allegations of abuse or neglect, such as when The Rights and Duties of Texas Parents  are not properly followed. If proven, the CPS can take your child away from your home. There are hotlines that are available 24/7 that are open for reports of abuse and neglect. Any report will be treated with utmost confidentiality. There are also some professionals who have the obligation to report abuse and neglect against children when they know of it. These professionals include police officers, doctors, teachers, and lawyers. If someone makes a report to CPS regarding your child, the CPS office in your area will be notified and they will begin the investigations. What to do when CPS Investigation Begins and your Child is Involved When there is an investigation that needs to be done, a caseworker from CPS in Texas will be assigned to handle the case. The caseworker will contact you along with other people who could possibly have some information about the alleged child neglect or abuse. An interview will be set up. Everything you say can be held against you, in this case. If any of your statements support the allegations about child neglect and abuse, it can be used to take your child away from you. Hence, it is not always a good idea to blindly cooperate with CPS caseworkers. If you want to protect your family, it would be best to hire a skilled family law attorney at this point. You should also look […]

Everything You Need to Know about CPS in Texas

Usually, there is an abrasive atmosphere in divorce proceedings. There are times that it can get outright hostile. Thus, communication between the divorced parents can be awkward, at the very least. After the divorce, the marriage is dissolved, but the estranged couple must understand that they are still co-parents to their children for as long as they live. They have to agree on such pivotal decisions regarding the children’s education, health and residence. They also need to pool their resources to provide for the children’s needs. Nothing will ever be the same between the divorced parents, but they still need to overcome their differences for the sake of their children. How can the divorced parents reconnect through today’s communication methods? Email This could be the best icebreaker for the ex-spouses. Emails are impersonal and often used for business. This is the best way to share and send official documents with even just one liners as the message. Communication through email can avoid the stigma that comes with accidental reminders of happier times. You only send and receive what is necessary, and this I why it is advisable to start the communication with this method. Text Messages/SMS In cases where the exchange of responses needs to keep up in real time, text messages can be the better alternative. There are pleasantries involved but the conversation can still remain on topic. The downside to text messages is that they are vulnerable to phone signals. Also, unlike email, there is always a record of sent and unsent messages. There have been cases of “lost” messages in SMS. Telephone Calls When both sides have settled and are ready to engage in constructive discussion, it is now time to talk. This is probably the next best thing to actually meeting in person, and it is […]

Tips Before You Call or Send Messages to Your Ex-Spouse

military divorce
Do military divorces differ from normal divorce procedures? Military life can be pretty tough and rigorous. People who enlist in the army are selfless and courageous. Making the decision to serve the country this way is definitely not an easy path to take. These people in the military put the lives of other citizens before their own and they are exposed to dangerous situations on a daily basis. This is nothing short of brave and is definitely admirable. Our soldiers are true heroes who keep on moving frequently all over the country and even across the world. This is a sad thing because it means staying away from their family and loved ones for long periods of time. What’s even sadder is the fact that this can cause a lot of strain in their relationships, especially for those who are married. Military divorces is sadly a common and regular occurrence. If you are married to a serviceman, you would know that his life will keep on changing and the ground which you place your relationship won’t always feel stable. Your marriage will be stressed no matter how healthy your relationship with your spouse is – because of constant moving from place to place within a short notice. The fact that military men get deployed into various warzones can be a root of stress and anxiety too. Though couples try hard to stay married despite these challenges, some of these marriages eventually end up in military divorces. Difference Between Civilian Divorces and Military Divorces As you might have already guessed, military divorces are different from civilian divorces. Military divorces include certain elements that you won’t be able to find in a normal divorce. Most of the time, military divorces also include various issues that you won’t be able to encounter in […]

Military Divorces in Texas

restore finances
Going through a divorce can drastically alter a person as it changes a lot of aspects in one’s life including relationships, perspective, and lifestyle. One of the aspects that divorce greatly affects is a person’s financial situation. A divorce can leave a person not only emotionally drained but also financially. People who go through divorce lose half or more of everything they worked hard on, including their savings, home, pension, business, and other assets and investments. With all this being said, there are ways to slowly rebuild and improve one’s financial situation after divorce. Keep Calm and Conserve Your Energy Every bit of energy should be channeled towards saving and rebuilding finances whenever and wherever you can. This is easier said than done especially for someone who was left with a lot of financial worries after the divorce. Worrying about the things that happened consumes valuable time and energy from finding reasonable solutions to get back up. Having a determined mentality can help a person have a proactive mindset which can result to changing one’s mood to be productive. Have an Inventory Researching and gathering information is necessary in rebuilding. Creating spreadsheets is helpful to track your finances. Having separate sheets for varying income streams, for expenses, and for assets and liabilities can assist in monitoring one’s financial situation. The type of account, owner of the account, the account rate and each institution’s contact information should be indicated in every sheet. Gaining more information through the divorce process can clarify where and how matters will be. This provides a better concept on how to afford taking some calculated risks to start financial rebuilding. Formulate a Balanced Budget Adjusting to the income-expense routine after the divorce may take some time and getting used to. Acceptance of what is and the resources […]

6 Ways to do Post-Divorce Financial Rebuilding

What You Should Know About Protective Orders and Name Changes
Protective orders and name changes are some of the things that a party could want in a family law case. It is commonly needed when certain actions from a spouse or partner necessitate a request for protective orders from the court. This is pretty common in the presence of family violence. Family violence is basically a threat or an action of violence by one family member to another. Any threat or action that could cause or have caused physical harm, bodily injuries, as well as physical or sexual assault is classified as violence. Violence or threat of violence against a child who is not a biological member of the family but is living in the same household is still classified as family violence. Violence from a person whom you are dating is classified as dating violence. Just like any other type of violence, it involves an action with the intention to cause physical harm and injury, as well as physical and sexual assault. An action that causes significant fear of violence also classifies as violence. Any adult in the household can file for protective orders for any member of the family including children. For dating violence, any adult involved in the relationship can file for protective orders. In order for the court to release protective orders, the requesting party should provide proof that violence has occurred or that it is bound to occur in the future. At times, a testimony of the victim is enough for the court to issue protective orders. What Happens When The Court Issues Protective Orders If the court finds that you have been a victim of family or dating violence, the court will make sure that the perpetrator will not be able to continue his or her violent acts towards you. The protective order will […]

What You Should Know About Protective Orders and Name Changes

If you have successfully come out of a dysfunctional marriage through divorce, then let me be one of the first people to congratulate you. But it’s not over yet. In fact, that’s only one or two hurdles in this whole hurdle race of family upbringing.  It might not be a big deal at first, but once you start co-parenting your children with different goals in mind, trust me, you will need all the help you can get. Imagine the children going to and fro between you and your spouse, learning different things and living different routines. It’s going to be hard not only on you, but most especially on your children. I’ve learned that the part where most divorced couples with kids have a hard time on is on communication. That’s right! It sounds so simple, but when you’re in that situation, then you might understand how uncomfortable it is to talk to the last person who you’d want to be talking to. But even so, you have responsibilities as a parent, and it’s the least you can do for your children. Here are three tips you can consider keeping in mind when starting out as a co-parent: Maintain an Open Communication It’s hard to relay messages through a third party (the child) and expect quick responses as if that child knows how to explain what you said exactly how you meant it. So it’s better to keep an open line between you and your ex-spouse to talk about the important details, no matter how big or small those may be. Whether it’s about an assignment due the following week, or a classmate’s birthday party, or a game you have to go to, you have to tell your ex-spouse all the details! And hopefully, they follow your attitude and do […]

Parenting: How to Deal with an Unreasonable Ex-spouse