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It’s no surprise that more often than not, bedroom action starts losing its fire when the relationship reaches a certain stage, especially if you consider the stress that come with a marriage, such as children, expenses, health, or career. This, however, is something you can actually avoid when put into paper. The introduction of the “lifestyle” clause in prenuptial agreements might sound new to us, but it actually has been around for a really long time. This is done to ensure that at no matter what costs, sex is never not an option, along with other things like what to do with infidelity or how and when you need a mandatory vacation. Of course, this decision would come with a price, and it has to be agreed upon by both parties before anything. If this still sounds quite unusual to you, you could take a look at how sex contracts were done in the past. Mecca and Katb el-Kitab An integral part of an Islamic marriage is a marriage contract, or the Katb el-Kitab, which is basically a prenup that contains the responsibilities the husband and wife should adhere to. Prophet Muhammad’s great-granddaughter, Sakina Bint al-Hussein, was one of the very first people to put sexual restrictions into writing, which in this case was absolute monogamy. She forbid her husband to disagree with her on anything or to approach other women, and when he did, she brought him to court to settle the matter.  Ancient Mesopotamia and the dowry The tradition of paying dowry – a sum of money or property brought by a bride to her husband – during an arranged marriage dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. Their law regards marriages without a signed contract represented by their families to be invalid. In this contract, obligations to be fulfilled […]

Sex Contracts Through the Years