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happy marriage
Every couple who enters into marriage have the intention for it to last forever. However, the vows of staying together in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer is much easier said than done. The challenge of two different people in a lifetime commitment may seem overwhelming. Despite the reported increase of divorce cases in the country, a successful marriage is not impossible. There are many couples who have truly embodied the “’til death do us part” vow, and they share some of their secrets. Recognize Each Other’s Differences It is often said that Opposites Attract, and it is likely that the quality a person finds attractive is one that he/she does not possess. A shy person may be drawn to someone outspoken, or a person who is always organized may appreciate a partner’s spontaneity. These relationships will be exciting, but when they live and make decisions together, a common complaint that arises is “Why can’t you be more like me?” The first secret to a lasting marriage is to always remember that they remain two unique individuals who simply chose to share their lives together. The goal is to appreciate each other’s differences, not to change the other and make them the same. Understand that Men and Women Have Different Needs Even with the increasing ambiguity of gender roles, the fundamental needs of men and women are still different: women need love and men need respect. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two so we need to define further.  Women need to feel secure and assured that they are the priority in a man’s life. Men need to know that their wives will always support them in his ventures, whether they end in victory and defeat. In most successful marriages, even in modern set-ups where both […]

The Secrets to a Lasting Marriage