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child visitation
Parents who are doing co-parenting affect the children either in a good way or a bad way. It is important for the parents to work together in a cooperative and flexible way. Making a favorable schedule is great to tend to the needs of both the children and the co-parents. When co-parents have a hard time coming up with an agreement as to their schedule that will be best for the children, the rules of the visitation court order and the schedule provided should be followed. The judge who issues the court order will have already determined what the child’s best interest is in his opinion when the court order indicates clearly the visitation rights of the co-parents. The noncustodial parent faces a few problems when it comes to visitation and one of these problems is the denial of his or her parenting time by the custodial parent. In this event, the former can file for the enforcement lawsuit of the visitation order. There are a things you must do first in order to file an enforcement lawsuit. The judge can order the visitation order as part of the following: divorce case; paternity case; suit affecting the parent-child relationship case (SAPCR case); or family violence protective order case. The steps in filing for a visitation order is similar to the steps in filing for a child custody order.  It starts with getting a counsel for the case, if necessary. Like in custody cases, getting a lawyer will be helpful in the preparation of your case as he or she will guide you throughout the whole process on what steps to take. Next is preparing the appropriate and necessary Forms and Documents. There is a proper procedure that needs to be followed in Texas when it comes to filing for a visitation order. As a general rule, […]

Divorce Visitation Orders in Texas