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There are many situations that might lead CPS in Texas to take your child into their possession. CPS stands for Child Protection Services, and according to the Texas Family Code, it has the authority to handle investigations regarding neglect and abuse against children. CPS in Texas will carry out investigations when there are signs and allegations of abuse or neglect, such as when The Rights and Duties of Texas Parents  are not properly followed. If proven, the CPS can take your child away from your home. There are hotlines that are available 24/7 that are open for reports of abuse and neglect. […]

Everything You Need to Know about CPS in Texas

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Usually, there is an abrasive atmosphere in divorce proceedings. There are times that it can get outright hostile. Thus, communication between the divorced parents can be awkward, at the very least. After the divorce, the marriage is dissolved, but the estranged couple must understand that they are still co-parents to their children for as long as they live. They have to agree on such pivotal decisions regarding the children’s education, health and residence. They also need to pool their resources to provide for the children’s needs. Nothing will ever be the same between the divorced parents, but they still need […]

Tips Before You Call or Send Messages to Your Ex-Spouse