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parenting divorce
Divorce is not only difficult for the couples involved, but also for the kids. This life-changing event can affect them greatly as they get older. This also includes their beliefs on the sanctity of marriage. If your family subscribes to Christian or Catholic beliefs, then you were most likely taught that marriage is sacred and only death can split a husband and a wife apart. This lesson is also passed on to children as soon as they’re old enough to understand the concept of lifelong matrimony. So, when a divorce happens, a child’s spirituality may be affected. What should parents do to avoid this? Take note of these tips below. Converse with your child and give them an outlet Children also need healing in the during and after a divorce. They don’t adjust well in the midst of conflict, which may cause emotional trauma and prolonged feeling of abandonment. One way you can help them with this sadness is to constantly converse with them and ask them how they’re doing. That way, they’ll learn how to express their feelings—both positive and negative. They will appreciate being given an outlet where they can let out their sadness, guilt, and anger, especially if they live in a home wherein traditional Christian family values have been broken. Give them the assurance they still have a family You and your spouse may be apart, but it doesn’t mean your child has one less parent. Lessen their resentment toward their parents and God by making sure they still have a family to come home to. Continue teaching them spirituality Studies have shown that children are less likely to attend church weekly when their parents are divorced. So it’s clear how the life event will impact a child’s faith. Again, talk to them and teach them […]

Keeping Your Child’s Spirituality After a Divorce