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drug addiction
Drug addiction in any way is not beneficial to anybody. It is even more detrimental when more people become affected by just one person’s drug addiction. One of the many examples of being affected by drug addiction is in the family. When Drug Addiction or Substance Abuse is in the picture, it is very dangerous for a family to easily be broken physically, emotionally and spiritually. Substance Abuse is very dangerous and can have a lot of negative impacts on the lives of the spouses and the children. This may lead to a very complicated life, and may lead for the children to take after their abusive mother or father. These kinds of cases should not be taken lightly as there are other factors that need to be considered in order to avoid further damage to other lives. Deprivation of Custody In the state of Texas, the Family Code states that the one important part of the family that must be protected at all times are the children and their rights as citizens of the United States. The Family Code values the children and in the eyes of the law, the children must always be under the protection of those who are fit enough to provide for them and their basic needs. A custody issue can arise from a Drug Addiction problem. The Judge will have to decide on the basis of the best interest of the child taking into consideration the needs of the child and the means and capability of the parents to provide for those needs. This will include the provision of food, shelter, clothing and the safest environment for them to live in. In this sense, the judge has the power to take away custody from one parent and award it to the other parent or […]

My Spouse has a Drug Addiction, What Now?

single parent
All parties involved in a divorce will have to make major adjustments. While the children will most likely be considered as the victims, the most challenging role belongs to the newly single parent who gains primary custody. Gaining custody is a major victory for the parent, but he/she must also be prepared for the challenges ahead.  The newly-single parent will not only have to face parenthood alone, but he/she will also have to start the recovery process for the child. However, a new beginning still brings hope and these tips can help them survive.  Watch Out for Loneliness There will always be reminders and memoirs of happier times when the family was whole. These memories will always remain dear in the hearts of both parent and child, and that’s how it should be. However, it can make you feel empty and lonely.  The only way to avoid loneliness is to make new memories. The biggest blessing is to have your child. Neither of you are alone and this is the time to draw strength from each other. Engage in new hobbies, go on vacations to new places together and you will be able to add a new chapter to your story, even without the other spouse. Get Rid of Guilt There will always be a sense of guilt for both parents, as it takes two to tango. Even if the other spouse was the one who cheated, the refusal to forgive or give another chance may arise in lingering questions for the wronged spouse.  This is where the support group comes in. Friends, family, church or officemates could help place the situation in the right perspective. The task for them is to encourage the single parent to look forward and leave the regrets behind. Plan Your Future with New Hope […]

Survival Guide for Newly Divorced Single Parents