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When getting a divorce, there are a lot of things that have to be taken into account. First, you should get a lawyer and figure out how to go about your divorce. Of course, you also have to think about where your children, if you have any. Your lawyer should also advise you regarding conjugal properties. What to do with all the things you both own? How do you go about dividing your money? Who pays for what now? What happens to the debts you share? Marital Debts Marital debts are debts incurred during your marriage and before the awarding […]

Do You Divorce Your Debts too During a Divorce?

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Texas is considered as one of the progressive states in the United States because it recognizes same-sex marriages as legal. This recently was implemented last June 26, 2015 and has granted the privilege of marriage to partners of the same gender. More about its legalization is explained in the landmark case Obergefell v. Hodges. Thanks to this case that has changed the books of History, same-sex couples are now given marriage rights in the same way that opposite-sex couples do. Getting Married Being a same-sex couple in Texas, in order to get married, the couple must have a license to […]

Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce in Texas

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  What do you need to know about Habeas Corpus in a Child Custody Case? If you and your spouse have been divorced for quite a while, you are likely to enjoy split custody privileges and have been co-parenting your child equally. If you haven’t encountered any problems, it is safe to say that you and your ex-spouse have probably followed the court’s final decree to the letter. Since you have not encountered any issues, it would be unimaginable for your spouse to not return your child as scheduled, out of the blue.   However, it can happen. Let’s say […]

Understanding Habeas Corpus in a Child Custody Case in Texas

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Divorce proceedings can take some time, and in the duration of an extended trial, anything can happen, even death. This is a reality that everyone has to face so the law in Texas. Death Prior to Finalization of Divorce When a death occurs before the divorce is finalized, the decision is easy for the judge. The case will be dismissed since the marriage would have technically ended. The judge can request a death certificate. In many cases, this has not been required, and it is understood by both parties that the proceedings have ended. The issue at hand will be […]

When Death Comes After Divorce in Texas

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Family law cases are a specific type of civil cases, revolving around issues concerning spouses, parents or children.  In some family law cases, there is no need for a lawyer, such as in an uncontested divorce case when one party decides to represent his or herself in court. There are people, however, who choose to hire a lawyer because it is more convenient to depend on his or her legal services.  Attorney-Client Relationship in General: How is It Established? The latter instance gives rise to a legalese called the Attorney-Client relationship. This type of relationship is not exclusive solely to […]

Attorney-Client Relationship in Family Law Cases

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So, there was recently a judicial election in Tarrant County. But most of the voters probably had no idea. And even if they did, they wouldn’t get to cast a ballot. Why is that, you might ask? Well, that’s because only Republican precinct chairs have any say regarding the candidates for two state district court seats. Ironically, the event in which the chairs will choose someone to put on the ballot is open to the public, the public simply doesn’t get to vote on it. If you think that this system is highly susceptible to cronyism and potential corruption, you […]

Texas Judicial Appointments Are Extremely Odd!