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Texas is considered as one of the progressive states in the United States because it recognizes same-sex marriages as legal. This recently was implemented last June 26, 2015 and has granted the privilege of marriage to partners of the same gender. More about its legalization is explained in the landmark case Obergefell v. Hodges. Thanks to this case that has changed the books of History, same-sex couples are now given marriage rights in the same way that opposite-sex couples do. Getting Married Being a same-sex couple in Texas, in order to get married, the couple must have a license to […]

Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce in Texas

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  What do you need to know about Habeas Corpus in a Child Custody Case? If you and your spouse have been divorced for quite a while, you are likely to enjoy split custody privileges and have been co-parenting your child equally. If you haven’t encountered any problems, it is safe to say that you and your ex-spouse have probably followed the court’s final decree to the letter. Since you have not encountered any issues, it would be unimaginable for your spouse to not return your child as scheduled, out of the blue.   However, it can happen. Let’s say […]

Understanding Habeas Corpus in a Child Custody Case in Texas