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    There are many parents who go through a divorce, and for most of them, getting full custody of their child is their ultimate goal. If you are going through a divorce and you have consulted an attorney, it is likely that the attorney will ask you what your goals are in the divorce case. If you have not read any of our previous posts regarding child custody, you could still be hoping that you would be awarded full custody of your child once the divorce is finalized. Most parents undergoing a divorce want to have as more time […]

Full Custody: Is It Really What You Want?

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There are many factors that would cover a valid excuse to enter into a divorce. One of the most common issues is alcoholism. In any relationship, even if it is not romantic, when alcohol abuse comes into play, it will really lead to many other detrimental concerns. Alcoholism: A common cause for Divorce Many of the lawyers specializing in Divorce acknowledge that when one of the spouses have the tendency to succumb into alcohol addiction, the other spouse is the one who seeks help to end the marriage. This is mostly done because the other spouse is also after the […]

My Spouse is an Alcoholic, What Now?

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Marriage is not just a union, but it is already a partnership. That means there is an obligation for each spouse not only to inform but to consult his partner with regards to his decisions.  However, this remains to be an ideal situation. In reality, there are many marital problems that arise from a lack of communication between the two parties, whether they were intentional or simply due to plain neglect. When a couple has a major disagreement, it could extend into a legal matter. It could even lead to divorce.  Careers on the Line When you get married you […]

Legally, Do I Need My Spouse’s Consent to Work?