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pet divorce
It goes without saying that a divorce comes with many considerations and if you have pets in a Texas divorce, you might be worried about their fate. One of the most devastating things that come along with divorce is separation. One parent would have to live separately from the children and the other spouse in most cases. Pets such as dogs and cats are part of the family and it’s difficult not to have an emotional attachment to them. However, when it comes to a divorce, the harsh reality is that they are classified as property. As property, these pets will […]

The Fate that Awaits Your Pet in a Texas Divorce

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Do you love to travel and do you want to share this experience with your child? After divorce, custody is awarded to just one of you while the other gets visitation rights. Another issue is whether or not you can travel abroad with your child and how you can do it. Getting a Passport for Your Child Texas divorces usually award the custody of the child to both parents. If the child is under 16, consent from both parents is required before you can apply for your child’s passport. The court then has discretion as to who holds the passport […]

How to Travel with Your Children Abroad After a Divorce?