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  You could have been talking with your spouse about getting a divorce or you could be totally in the dark when you receive your divorce papers from a law enforcement officer. Whatever your level of awareness is, getting served your divorce papers can be a quite unnerving experience. You will basically be notified that a lawsuit has been filed in court against you. You will also be informed that you need to respond within a set period of time. Most of the people served with divorce papers feel a certain apprehension when they receive such a notification because it’s […]

What to Do When You Are Served With Divorce Papers

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One of the biggest issues to resolve in a divorce is custody of the children. There is a common notion or expectation that the mother gets custody. That is unless it is subsequently proven that she is unfit or unqualified. This is not accurate.  The actual statute of the law is that custody of the child will be awarded to the primary caregiver. That is not always the mother. There are also many instances wherein the father would willfully concede primary custody. These and other cases have perpetuated the misconception that the “default” custody belongs to the mother.  However, there […]

How to Keep Your Role as a Mother to Your Kids After Divorce when You are a Non-custodial Parent