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The rise of the #MeToo movement has brought sexual abuse and harassment incidents into the light of the day. It has now penetrated the cloak of marriage. High profile husbands were even exposed. More Attention for Wives Exposure to celebrity husbands’ sexual abuse is a milestone. Especially since they were previously untouchables. Advocates of the #MeToo movement will be quick to point out that it is only the first step. The primary goal is to help protect women. Thus, it would be better if more attention was given to the wives who experienced sexual abuse.  The media has still continued […]

#MeToo Effect on Marriages

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In this post, I will try to help you understand a bit more about judicial orders pertaining to Custody and Property Division. These are orders issued by the court after a hearing that you and your ex-spouse must comply with. Orders are normally issued after a hearing but temporary orders may be issued during the pendency of a trial. Here are examples of some judicial orders you may encounter:   Habeas Corpus is a petition that would be most appropriate in situations where your ex-spouse keeps your child longer than what your Divorce Decree allows. In case you are wondering, […]

Enforcing Divorce and Custody Orders