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One of the first mistakes I see people make at the beginning of this process is to immediately try to figure out “who reported me”. The bottom line is that it doesn’t really matter, and it often can do you a disservice to focus on that issue rather than the more relevant issues of “what should I do next”. The other thing I would add to this section is not to get bogged down in the language that is used, as the CPS definitions of words is often different from legal definitions, which is different still from normal usage. The […]

CPS Parent Resource Guide Part 3: How Did I Get Here?

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There are many cases wherein one of the parents is struggling financially that they can’t buy their own home. In custody cases, the court considers what is best for the child. There is no denying that children need a home and a financially stable custodian. Children have needs and they will, of course, be totally dependent. Home as a basic need One of a child’s basic needs is a need for a home. Having a home is an indication of financial stability. A home will also ensure the child’s security. It is important that a child will grow in a […]

I Don’t Have My Own Place— Can I Win Custody?