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In case you’re wondering what a post-nuptial agreement is, it’s basically just like a pre-marital agreement. The only difference is that pre-marital ones are signed before the marriage and post-nuptial ones are signed after the wedding. Usually, the motivation between a prenup agreement and a post-nuptial agreement are not the same. In Texas, you are allowed to sign a post-nuptial agreement that includes part or all of your community property. The separation of one spouse’s income or both spouse’s income is commonly a part of such agreements as well. This means that when you sign the agreement, you agree that […]

What a Post-Nuptial Agreement Can Do For Your Family

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Divorce is a when expectation meets reality. The optimism in the wedding will be replaced by the grim reality of divorce. The couple who said their vows with dreamy eyes and words of forever are now in fierce negotiation. Awkward situations cannot be avoided as well. Needless to say, legal matters have to be sorted out first. Custody of the children, division of property, and visitation rights are of utmost concern. However, a couple doesn’t only have a common property and family, they have also built a network of friends together.   Who Should Know A divorce is not good […]

How to Tell Your Friends that You Are Getting Divorced