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There are many cases wherein one of the parents is struggling financially that they can’t buy their own home. In custody cases, the court considers what is best for the child. There is no denying that children need a home and a financially stable custodian. Children have needs and they will, of course, be totally dependent. Home as a basic need One of a child’s basic needs is a need for a home. Having a home is an indication of financial stability. A home will also ensure the child’s security. It is important that a child will grow in a […]

I Don’t Have My Own Place— Can I Win Custody?

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The best way to begin a relationship is having open communication and full disclosure. One of the great tools in achieving open communication and full disclosure is having an antenuptial or prenuptial agreement. This helps in setting up realistic expectations in the relationship. What is an Antenuptial Agreement? An antenuptial agreement (prenuptial agreement or prenup) is an agreement entered between parties who are about to get married. It is effective upon the celebration of their marriage. It is about matters between the spouses in cases of divorce or death of one of them. Requirements of an Antenuptial Agreement A prenuptial […]

Setting the Tone of Marriage Through Postnuptial Agreements

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For most parents, getting a divorce can most definitely be difficult. If you have children, it’s hard for them to have to go through this. If not handled well, this might just have a negative impact on them. While you want to minimize the impact, what if they need to testify? But wait, can they? Children Testifying As much as it might be difficult to imagine, it is possible for children to testify during divorce proceedings. Usually, children are only asked to testify when it comes to matters of custody. For any other matters regarding the divorce, children are usually […]

Can Children Testify in Divorce Proceedings?

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After divorce, you may feel much pain. However, for many divorcees who were victims of an abusive relationship, there may be a sense of freedom.  For those ex-spouses who were prohibited by their exes to work, they may rush to make up for the lost time, and try to pursue their dream career. However, there is still the issue of child support. This will remain a reality for both parents since the court will oblige them to look after their child. Child Support in Texas When the two parents separate, the court will determine which ex-spouse will have primary possession […]

Child Support or Pursuing Your Dream Career?

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There are many types and forms of domestic abuse. It may be physical, emotional, legal, financial, or a combination of some or all of these types. Domestic abuse is a criminal pattern of undue coercion, control and power of one person over another in a relationship. It is simply any form of threatening and alarming behaviors against the victim. The behavior of abusers develops through their childhood. They started to think that their ways are normal because they learned it at an early stage of their lives. Therefore, changing the same has a low probability, if not impossible. In reality, […]

Things to Do Before Calling it Quits with an Abuser

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  Child support is a sensitive matter that is usually based on statutory guidelines. Unfortunately, in some cases, these statutory guidelines may not be applicable. These guidelines are from the Texas Family Code, which states the level of child support that courts should base on when giving child support orders. The guidelines start at 20% of the parent’s net monthly income for one child, and it can go up to 40% to support five or more children. This is the percentage of income deemed appropriate for child support in the state of Texas. This statutory guideline is based on the […]

When Child Support Does Not Follow the Statutory Guidelines