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Knowing What’s In Your Child’s Best Interests
Your child’s best interests will always be a key point in your divorce and child custody cases. As you are well aware, your child feels the impact of the divorce even more than you do. It’s really a sad reality that you have to accept and deal with properly. You and your spouse can have some control over the circumstances that affect your divorce, but your child is completely helpless. It is quite common for children to feel confused and misplaced when their parents are undergoing a divorce. As a parent, you obviously would want to protect your children. The divorce probably happened because you want to protect your children from your spouse’s wrongdoings or abusive behavior. Knowing what’s in your child’s best interests would definitely help in ensuring that they can have a normal life during and after the divorce. The conflicts and the many issues that you will have to deal with throughout the duration of your divorce could take its toll on you. You might lose sight of the fact that your children are your priority. You could be blinded by things that you will fail to recognize what’s in your child’s best interests. How can you play your divorce according to your child’s best interests? 1. Avoid the Courthouse It might come as a surprise to many that a lot of divorce cases don’t get into the courtroom. Contrary to what movies and television depict, most divorces actually end in settlement, hence, there’s no need to pay a visit to the judge. The only problem with this option is that you might find it difficult to deal with your spouse when you are still at the peak of your anger. If your spouse has terribly wronged you, it can be quite uncomfortable to work together to […]

Focusing on Your Child’s Best Interests

child support
Managing your expenses can be a little complicated sometimes. There are bills that need to be paid. If you are divorced and don’t have custody over your child, there’s also the matter of paying for child support. Managing all those expenses will take a lot of responsibility and careful planning. But what happens if you end up not paying for child support? What happens then? Wage Garnishment Just like your bills, child support is one of those things that must be paid. If you end up being behind on your child support payments, then at some point, your wages will end up getting garnished. Getting your wages garnished means a portion of your salary will be deducted in order to pay for your debt. In this case, the debt will be your unpaid child support. The garnishment of your wages begins when the court sends an order to your employer. The latter will be informed that your wage needs to be deducted to pay for your unpaid child support. When the court orders for your wage garnishment begins depends on the state agency handling child support. Can I Contest This? Don’t worry if there is a mix-up with your payments. You can contest your wage garnishment. If you can’t afford to pay, you can appeal to the court by sending a complete list of your expenses per month. When the court sees that your expenses are reasonable, then they can make adjustments. If you also made payments that were made but weren’t accounted for, you can also present documentation to the court to help clear things out. Of course, the basis must be reasonable. If you can’t pay because you made a huge, unnecessary expense, then the court has every right to uphold that garnishment. Managing your expenses can be […]

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Child Support