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Divorces can affect more than just your relationship with your ex-spouse. They can also affect your relationship with your kids. And as much as you don’t want it to affect things with your kids, sometimes it’s inevitable. But just because it can affect your children doesn’t mean you can’t help make things better for them. Yes, despite being divorced, you can still be a good parent to your kids. There are just a few things that you’ll have to work out. If you want some help figuring things out, read on and maybe you might be able to pick up […]

Parenting: Protecting Your Child After a Divorce

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Since same sex marriages have been made legal by the Supreme Court, same sex divorces are now possible as well. People are still confused because not all states had acknowledged that same sex marriages were legal prior to 2015 and many are still wondering if it’s possible to have a same-sex marriage in Texas and how the state deals with same sex divorces. Texas was one of the states in the US that did not legalize same sex marriages prior to 2015. Because of this, if you have lived in Texas prior to 2015 and you’ve tried to get a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Same Sex Divorces in Texas

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Co-parents and their children will adjust to their new arrangements after divorce. Perhaps the biggest adjustment is custody of the children. Especially if the couple has not been living separately prior to the divorce.  Even if some couples are already on “trial separation,” custody arrangements are still a game-changer. It prohibits a parent from just dropping by and visiting their child unannounced. What if there has been confusion in the arrangements, which could happen even if there was a trial? Or if there are changes that should affect the custody arrangements, whether in a positive or negative manner? While custody […]

Resolving Confusion in Your Custody Arrangements