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Filing for divorce is only the first step. More often than not, the court will not tell you and your spouse to immediately settle to separate houses. For many couples, they would still need to have civil yet awkward moments in their shared home.  Unless there are accusations or threats of violence and abuse, Texas will not require a couple with pending divorce to live separately. This is entirely left to the decision of each spouse, and there are pros and cons on both sides. Advantages of Staying Together during Divorce It is likely that won’t find it pleasant to […]

Living with Your Spouse During the Divorce Process

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Divorces can be quite an ordeal to go through, especially emotionally. And why wouldn’t they be? These can be some emotionally devastating things. And that devastation can sometimes creep up on you and also seep into other aspects of your life, work included. So, what do you do when your divorce starts getting in the way of work? Do I have to? Whether or not you want to tell anyone in the workplace about your divorce is up to you. You do not have the obligation to do so. If your divorce is taking its toll on you and your […]

Should I Tell My Boss About My Divorce?