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When there is an instance of divorce, the big task is to determine who should be the custodian of the child. The court is faced with a crucial decision and every factor should be considered. In certain situations, the Child Protective Services are needed to ensure that the child will not be placed in a home where there are tendencies of abuse or neglect. The reason for the divorce could be a basis for CPS investigation. If one of the ex-spouses filed a divorce on the basis of abuse in any form, it is a logical precautionary measure to investigate […]

What You Need to Know About A Child Protective Services Investigation

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The sheer number of people involved in a CPS case can be daunting at best. Often, it seems like parties who may be aligned as filling the same role, but in reality they serve distinct purposes and it is important to tailor your behavior regarding each of the parties differently. Rather than go over each of the specific people directly (which the guide does a great job of already), there are some general categories that are good to be aware of. The first category is people who are employees of CPS. This includes investigators, caseworkers, kinship workers, supervisors, etc. All […]

CPS Parent Resource Guide Part 4: Who are all the people working on my case?

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There are several reasons why spouses end up making the difficult decision to get divorced. Some of these reasons include stressful and traumatic experiences. These can result in emotional reactions that can be difficult to deal with. When the other spouse is manifesting disturbing behavior, it can be enticing to record secretly to show harassment, lack of fitness for custody, infidelity, or any other reason.  Texas Recording Law The wiretapping law of Texas is a “one-party consent” legislation. It is a crime to record or intercept any type of wire, oral, or electronic communication. Save for the situation where one […]

Are Recordings Allowed in Texas Without Consent?