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It is unfortunate that many children are born in less than ideal situations. Some have been results of abuse or teenage pregnancy. In any case, the parents may not be ready or capable to take care of the child. The State of Texas is always concerned with the welfare of all children regardless of circumstance. Thus, they have facilities and implemented guidelines for foster care. Child Protective Services (CPS) Rights in Foster Care Every child that is placed in foster care in Texas has defined rights. They have been placed into different categories: Safety and Care Every child has the […]

Children Placed in Foster Care in Texas

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Before, the usual story was for a man to marry a woman if they intend to stay together. However, there are instances where the couple is unable to marry, or simply choose not to legalize their relationship. Defining Concubinage Concubinage is when a man and woman live together as husband and wife without being married. Concubinage is based on the word concubine, which refers to the woman in the relationship. In ancient societies, the concubine is a secondary wife. In other words, a man has a wife, but he can also have a concubine. Today, a concubine is referred to […]

Is Concubinage Legal In Texas?