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This section is an important one to pay attention to for anyone who is going through the investigation stages of a CPS process (or hopefully even before it). There are quite a lot of misconceptions about this process, but one main point is the importance of giving the investigators enough information to rule out allegations, while not oversharing and getting into trouble. Investigators are very good at getting information out of parents, either by making threats, or by making it seem like they are on your side. The important thing to remember is that everything you say and do can […]

CPS Parent Resource Guide Part 6: The CPS Investigation

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The first major concern after divorce are the children. There are a lot of things to dispute. For the state of Texas, the welfare of the children should be the utmost priority. Therefore, custody and child support arrangements are settled right away. Child Support Basics In most divorces, the child will stay with a custodial parent, and the other parent would provide child support. The family court determines the amount of child support. There would be no changes in the amount and duration of the child support without securing permission from the court. Avoid missed payments that can eventually accrue.  […]

Child Support after Eighteen

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Even after the divorce has been finalized, life goes on for both ex-spouses. As they move on, the only thing certain is change. Some of these changes may have direct effects, specifically on the children. Custody is a sensitive matter, and the court will always reiterate that any arrangement is focused on the protection of the children. Thus, if any changes in the lives of the co-parents will compromise the welfare of the children, then they will intervene. If you feel that the co-parenting agreement needs to be modified because of new phases in you or your co-parent’s lives, then […]

Updating Your Co-Parenting Agreement

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While most think that being married means being one with your spouse, it doesn’t mean that you shed your individuality. Yes, you will share many things with your spouse, but no, you do not become one. Each of you has rights and you can even invoke this against the other. Setting boundaries is not meant to put a wall between you and your spouse, it is a healthy mechanism to preserve your individual rights – and sanity! Trust and respect are the foundations of a good and lasting marital relationship. If you trust your spouse, you should respect his or […]

Right to Privacy Between Spouses

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There are many different circumstances surrounding a divorce, and because of these, the relations between the two ex-spouses are diverse. Those who have already agreed to separate are amicable, and may only be fixing up the loose ends.  However, there are divorce petitions that are based on strong accusations. This could actually lead to a lengthy and vicious struggle. Even the distribution of property is disputed. There will be many reactions borne out of spite, and this is usually where wasteful dissipation of assets occurs.  What is Wasteful Dissipation It is when one spouse engages in wasteful spending of the […]

Wasteful Dissipation of Assets in Divorce

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Imputed income refers to a form of compensation given by your employer. This compensation is non-monetary. It may be in the form of a gym membership, company car, discounts, and financial assistance, among many others. But did you know that imputed income is also used differently in another context? “Imputed income” is also used in a divorce proceeding, or in determining child support. But what does this mean in that context then? Imputed Income In the context of a divorce proceeding or in the determining of child support, imputed income takes a different meaning. In this context, imputed income is […]

Calculating Imputed Income and What That May Mean for You