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When hearing the word “adoption”, child adoption comes to mind by default rather than adult adoption. The latter goes through a much easier process than the former because not a lot of other individuals’ consent are needed for adoption to be successful. In Texas, a number of reasons why an adoption of an adult takes place. These are the most common reasons among others:  Adult-adoptee is in need of a custody or guardian The adopting parent has been treating the child as his or her own until it reached adulthood The adopting parent wants the adult-adoptee to inherit from him […]

How to Adopt an Adult in Texas

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There are many reasons why couples find it necessary to file for divorce. While some of them can seem trivial, in some instances, the divorce could be a matter of life and death. In cases when the ex-spouse poses as a danger to you or others, Texas law has provisions for protection. Protective Orders  Most people would not be able to distinguish a restraining order from a protective order. The misconception is that they are interchangeable. They are actually very distinct. In case of protection towards violence, that is a protective order. It is designed to protect those who have […]

Protection After Divorce if your Ex is Dangerous