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The legal decision on child support has great significance to either of the child’s parents. Child support cases are also imbued with emotions. It goes beyond matters regarding access, possession or visitation of the children. In child support cases, it is possible to represent one’s self instead of hiring someone from the legal profession. However, there are risks in choosing to forego a lawyer’s services. This article will discuss the risks associated with this decision. Losing the case  Losing in child support means that the judgment will not be a favorable one to you. Child support cases are based on […]

Deciding Whether to Represent Yourself in a Texas Child Support Case

Premarital Agreement
Texas is a community property state, which can cause some complicated issues to arise if you have assets acquired before marriage that get co mingled with assets acquired after marriage or with your spouse’s property. If you want to ensure that certain property remains separate, it is important to have either a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement spelling out who owns what property. Most of the time these documents are fairly simply to draw up, and can be easily tailored to whatever wishes you have. I can help you avoid common pitfalls, and point out many areas that people commonly forget […]

Prenup FAQ

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There are several and various notions and mixed reactions to stay-at-home moms. Some say positive things like how they sacrifice a lot in order to stay home and tend to their children every day. Some say that they are lazy. In this day and age of independent career women, being a stay-at-home mom usually gets dumped on. Most people think that they are entitled and they are just living the luxurious life being jobless, not reporting to any superiors, and not having to deal with workplace stress. Below are some of the common reasons why people think that being a […]

Reasons Why Stay-at-Home Moms Gets a Negative Rap