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If there’s one thing that ruins relationships, it’s money. That’s simply one of the first things couples—whether married or not—talk about when they start living together. It’s always a case of “who will pay for what,” and finding the right balance for the both of you. Are you moving in with your partner soon? Then you should start taking notes on how you can divide the expenses—for the sake of your future home and your relationship. Split your accounts and work out the percentage you’ll give Keeping your accounts separate is still the best option in any relationship. This will […]

How to Divide Expenses at Home when Both of You are Working

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When you end up going through a divorce, there are a number of things that you have to look after and sort out. The most common thing that both parties sort out would be how they’ll be dividing the property that they shared during their marriage. Of course, that changes when there happens to be a child involved in the divorce. If a child happens to be involved, then the court also has to help settle things such as custody of the child as well as child support among other things. In Texas divorce cases that involve children, an amicus […]

What is An Amicus Attorney in a Texas Divorce Case