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After the divorce has been declared final, the two ex-spouses have to face their new lives. They have to live with the terms of the divorce. This includes matters on child custody, visitation rights, child support, and alimony.  There is a big possibility that one or both ex-spouses will remarry. This should not be an issue for the other parent. After divorce, both are no longer bound to each other, aside from the ties to their child. If your ex-husband has remarried, there is a possibility that the new stepmother would want to adopt your child.  Conditions for a Stepparent […]

Does my Ex-Spouse and His New Wife have the Right to Adopt My Child?

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Divorces can be very difficult to go through, considering that you’re putting an end to your marriage with your spouse. For some people, it takes an emotional toll on them. For others, it really just seems to be a draining process with all the things you need to do. And while it can be difficult or uncomfortable, there are still some things that you can do to make it a lot easier for you to go through. So, how do you iron things out easier in a divorce? Details, Details, Details The best way that you can make going through […]

Making Your Divorce Easier

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A Divorce is something that an entire family has to go through. When a couple gets into a divorce, it is not only the spouses who adjust to the daily changes with their lives. When the couple turns into a family, the children will have to adjust as well. A Divorce is such a big change in each and every member’s life and it will have different consequences for each person. However, it will all lead towards the development and maturity of each family member in order to fully understand why all things must happen and that these things have […]

Co-Parenting Tips for Divorce

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When a couple undergoes the divorce procedure, there are many things they need to sort out. The best way is to arrive at compromises, but at certain points, the court must strongly intervene.  The state of Texas has always made the welfare of the children as their priority. Thus, details like child support will not be compromised.  Child Support Regulations There are very stringent guidelines on calculating child support. The court will calculate your child support capacity based on your net income. Now, there are many different circumstances with how people earn their income—some have fixed salaries from a company, […]

Calculating Net Resources for Child Support