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military divorce
Do military divorces differ from normal divorce procedures? Military life can be pretty tough and rigorous. People who enlist in the army are selfless and courageous. Making the decision to serve the country this way is definitely not an easy path to take. These people in the military put the lives of other citizens before their own and they are exposed to dangerous situations on a daily basis. This is nothing short of brave and is definitely admirable. Our soldiers are true heroes who keep on moving frequently all over the country and even across the world. This is a […]

Military Divorces in Texas

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The state of Texas will always look after the welfare of the children in a divorce. The state will also acknowledge the responsibility of each parent even after their marriage is dissolved. While the normal route for divorce is that there would be one custodial parent, the state also supports the idea of joint custody.  Sharing Custody of the Child There are many instances where the court will grant sole custody. That means the children will spend the majority of their time with one parent, and also that parent will be exclusively the one who will make the major decisions […]

Joint Custody After Divorce