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First and foremost, what is a bill of review? Basically, a bill of review is a method to secure a new trial after the initial trial has ended. For instance, if you had a case in Texas and you were not satisfied with the result, you have the option to seek means to get a new trial. One option is to file a motion for a new trial, and another is an equitable bill of review. If you had received a default judgment, the best way to approach your case is to file a motion for a new trial. You […]

How to Use a Bill of Review for Family Law in Texas

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Divorces can cause a lot of trouble and get messy for some people. But if you think the mess only lasts up until the divorce process is concluded, think again. Divorces affect several aspects of one’s life. A lot of those aspects need to be adjusted and sorted out after the divorce as well. One of those aspects would be how you do your taxes. And while this isn’t an immediate concern during the divorce process, it becomes one after. Documents and Requirements Before you make changes and adjust documents, find out first if you have to. If your divorce […]

Your Taxes After Your Divorce