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People always say we learn from our mistakes. It makes us wiser, stronger, or can also make us scared of certain consequences. Matters like divorce, which involve legal consequences will make us think twice again before considering another marriage.  In the Texas Family Code, the first marriage is the only valid marriage. Any succeeding marriages are void unless the first one will be terminated by divorce. Financial Pros and Cons Pros:  Life is easier when you share with someone your expenses. Investing seems to be not so difficult. Having a partner, especially when you have kids, will lighten your worries. […]

Consequences of Entering a Second Marriage

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Ever since they came along, video games have provided us a form of entertainment. Some play for fun while some immerse in an entirely different world. Games gave an avenue to just tune out of the world for a bit and enjoy ourselves. That doesn’t seem too bad, right? Life can be stressful after all, and video games are just another outlet for us to let out some stress. But just like all things, too much of it can be bad for you. Addiction recognized by APA The American Psychiatric Association (APA) recognizes that people can indeed become addicted to […]

Can I Divorce a Spouse Addicted to Video Games?

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The usual notion of marriage consists of two major attributes. Firstly, that the marriage will last a lifetime. This is why we have the vow that only death will part the married couple. The second attribute of marriage is that it is only meant for one person. The legal definitions of marriage are also based on those two attributes.  As we all know, there are many instances when the spouse could not deliver on this promise. Most of the time, they end up in divorce, but there are instances when they also result in bigamy. Texas Law on Bigamy The […]

I am in a Bigamous Marriage, What are My Rights as the Second Spouse?

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In the age of information and technology, majority of the people in the world know or have access to social media. It is mainly used for entertainment and information-sharing. While this is true, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. also raises some ethical problems. In gathering evidence, a lot has given their opinions on the recent practice of evidence collection through the use of social media sites. The courts are acknowledging the implications of a lawyer who uses information from a social media profile of an unrepresented witness. In Family Law and Divorce specifically, the following are some […]

How Social Media Impacts Family Law

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Going through a divorce is hard, especially if you have to go about your everyday life while the process of divorce is still going on. It’s no easy matter to go about your everyday routine with something like that in mind. But if it’s already hard for you, imagine how hard it would be if you add kids into the equation. Watching both your parents go through a divorce might do a lot of harm to the kid. You’re practically watching your family fall apart. In Texas, the divorce court has a way to help mitigate this and try to […]

Standing Orders and What They Mean for You

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Adoption in Texas is just one of the types of cases family law attorneys must deal with at times. Family law is indeed an area of law that has its own difficult circumstances. It’s mostly because family law attorneys have to deal with individual families who are going through the toughest period in their life. What makes it more difficult is the fact that sometimes, the result of the case doesn’t turn up the way we hope or expect it to be. We usually see who suffers the most, even under the best circumstances. Usually, it’s the children. However, adoption […]

Texas Adoption Tips