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The family is the basic social institution in every State, that is why many laws are implemented to preserve its sanctity and to protect it at all costs. However, unavoidably, there are factors which call for the dissolution of marriage which, if not completely destroying it, causes a slit in the marital bond. The family, just like many others, is not immune to flaws and imperfections.  The process of getting through familial issues is both psychologically and financially burdensome, especially when there are debts to pay or there are children involved. While this is not a smooth ride for you and your family, we have laid down the things you should take note of and consider financially when you are faced with a family law case, just to help lift a little weight on your shoulders. Getting a Divorce Divorce is the most common kind of a family law case, frequently involving matters concerning property division, spousal supports and if a child or children is in the picture, then child custody, visitation and support. The Cheaper Option If you are considering to get a decree of divorce, there are two options available for you: to settle the case alone with your spouse, or to hire a lawyer. The former is cheaper compared to the latter, since there are no legal fees to bear in mind. However, this process requires both you and your spouse to be in a quality relationship so that you would be able to work on your ideal outcomes during and after the divorce, this includes property division and other familial affairs between you and your spouse.  There is lesser work if you do not have common children, but if you do, visitation, child support, and custody are matters added to your plates.  If You have Extra […]

How Much is Too Much? Financial Considerations in Family Law Cases

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Getting married can be one of the most fulfilling moments of a person’s life. And while married life does have all its glorious moments, it’s not always going to be easy nor is it going to be great. There will be challenges that will come up and test your marriage. These challenges may come in the form of bad days and arguments, but they can also come in the form of financial problems. One perfect example would be student loan debt. But just how much can this kind of debt affect your marriage? Making Ends Meet For some couples, especially those just starting out, working on sustaining themselves becomes a top priority. There are things you’ll have to look after, such as groceries, bills, and maybe even rent among several other expenses. And the expenses don’t stop there. Life, after all, is unpredictable, and there might be things that happen that you weren’t expecting. A trip to the doctor, for example, is one. Working out finances can be hard and having debt from a student loan can only make things harder as that means leeway for you to spend on other things just to make sure you make ends meet. This can put a lot of stress on couples, especially if they aren’t financially well-off yet. And for some people, this stress can even cause marriages to end. What You Can Do While the thought of debt can be very stressful, especially on top of all the other financial and non-financial stresses you’re experiencing, there is still a way to make things work. The first thing you can do would be to communicate. The best way to work things out with your spouse would be to talk to them about it and be honest with them. And then you can […]

The Impact of Student Loan Debt on Marriages