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military divorce
As much as separation seemed to be unavoidable in typical marriages these days, the same goes to military couples or those who have spouses who are on duty to protect the nation. Divorce between a person in uniform and his spouse have a pretty much the same procedure as the others. In the military, divorce is considered to be a personal issue and thus leaves the matter to the civilian court. However, there are some considerations to be done when it comes to military divorce. There are laws protecting both the military person and his or her spouse during and after the divorce.  Rights as a Member of the Military Since military members do not permanently stay in one place when at duty, they have some choices on when or where to file their divorce. They can choose to file either on the permanent residence of the spouse filing the divorce or of the military personnel or the place where the military member is stationed. The court gives consideration if the military spouse is on service. For instance, in ordinary situations, the court orders both spouses a specific time to give a response or requires them to attend court hearings. In the case of military divorce, however, there are laws which give the military member benefit considering their duties as uniform personnel. Court proceedings can be postponed and be extended when the military member is unable to attend because of the nature of their work. There are also protections for these military personnel if they have failed to respond to any lawsuit as long as, again, they are on duty.  Rights as a Former Spouse Under the Uniform Services Former Spouse Protection Act, the former spouses of men in service are given compensation as long as they are qualified and […]

Everything You Need to Know about Military Divorce

initiate divorce
It’s true that the process of getting a divorce can be difficult. But for some people, deciding whether or not to split up can be just as difficult. After all, you really have to decide if you want to put an end to your marriage. A relationship that you might have spent a lot of time and effort working on. But once you’re set on getting that divorce, what do you do next? Do you file it first? Is there any advantage if you do? Or are you put at a disadvantage? Pros of Filing First The biggest advantage you’ll have if you file for a divorce first would be having time to prepare for it. If you do plan on filing first, that means you’ll have to do some research too. You’ll have to know what to do, what you’ll need, and what could possibly happen during the process. You’ll also be given the chance to schedule the dates of your hearings. It may seem overwhelming, so it’s best to be prepared. Another good thing that comes with initiating your divorce is being the first one to testify before the court. This gives you the chance to tell the court about your situation. You can explain why you’ve decided to get a divorce in the first place. Cons of Filing First One possible disadvantage is that it puts a strain on your marriage. If you haven’t had the best marriage and divorce was expected, then this might not be a problem. But for the spouse who wasn’t expecting a divorce, this could be a rather big blow to them. This can cause them to react in unfavorable ways. This can also permanently damage any possibility of any sort of amicable relationship with them afterward. When you file for a […]

Pros and Cons of Initiating a Divorce