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Some divorce cases are fortunately finalized in summer where you can still have ample time to make the transition before the school year starts. However, no matter how much time you have set aside for the transition and preparation for the new school year, it can still be challenging and tough for everyone, especially the kids. This is where you can really see how your family will handle the changes brought about by the divorce in Texas. The kids will have to be passed from one parent to the other and it will be difficult for them to adjust to that setup especially with schoolwork threatening to eat them alive. It is also likely that they will be suffering from emotional scars brought about by the divorce. You will have to help them cope as you cope with the changes yourself. Tips for Dealing with the New School Year after Your Divorce in Texas There are many ways of successfully dealing with the post-divorce changes, and it is especially important to try and do so, since the children will be looking up to you for guidance and support with their own problems and emotions in a very difficult time period. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that your kids’ school year after your divorce in Texas can still have a sense of normalcy to it: 1. Communicate With Your Ex After Your Divorce in Texas You might think that the finalization of your divorce in Texas means cutting off all ties with your ex-spouse but if you have children, it just isn’t the case. It would be best for your children if you communicate even just for the school needs, activities, extra-curricular activities and homework of your kids. The new school year will be busy. There will […]

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Each divorce case is unique to the people involved in it. Divorces may sometimes become messy and rough, especially if there are disagreements or disputes over certain matters, like child custody, asset valuation, property division, alimony, etc., that you and your spouse cannot settle on. This is where expert witnesses come in handy – smoothing over the wrinkles in an otherwise crumpled up separation.  Expert witnesses are people who have specialized knowledge and experience in a specific field, one that they have trained in over a period of time. They can provide factual-based evidences and reliable opinions that goes beyond what an average person can offer. However, their expertise comes at a high price, so use them wisely. Forensic Accountant Financial planners, CPAs or actuaries are usually employed to settle financial disputes such as alimony or property division in a divorce case. They can handle investigations on allegedly hidden assets, track down separate property funds, or qualify assets that are not divisible under the Texas law.  Custody Evaluator Therapist, family counselor, or custody evaluators help settle child custody disagreements. These are experts in child development and can offer opinions on what can benefit the child more. Usually, they conduct individual and group interviews with the child and family members to garner a holistic analysis of the family’s life, especially if there are accounts of abuse or abandonment. Asset Appraiser There are different types of appraisers in divorce cases. For instance, a real estate appraiser can handle property valuations. Business appraisers, on the other hand, can put a monetary value on one spouse’s business. There are also appraisers that can expertly give value to assets such as art collections, jewels, and other prized possessions.  Medical Expert When there are health issues that come to light, a medical expert’s opinion comes highly […]

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