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  Retroactive child support payments may be something you are considering if a Family Court in Texas just ordered child support from another parent when it’s been long overdue. You may be wondering if it’s possible to receive payments that you would have received if the order has been made by the court earlier. In today’s article, we will learn more about how you can receive retroactive child support payments.   Steps in Seeking Retroactive Child Support Payments   There are steps you ought to follow if you want to receive retroactive child support payments. There are also steps that […]

What About Retroactive Child Support?

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As a parent, you’d always want the best for your children. And while it might not be easy to give them the best, it might be more difficult to do so if you’re going through a divorce. After all, divorce can put a lot of unwanted stress and tension in you and your family. It can definitely affect the way you go about things. Despite this, there are still some ways you can be a good parent to your children amidst a divorce. Keep Your Children in Mind Your divorce will not only affect your life, but also the lives […]

Being a Parent to Your Children Amidst a Divorce