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Marriage is wonderful but also poses a significant risk. Tying the knot is a lifetime deal. It means sharing all your property, the ones you own now, and everything you will acquire henceforth. There seems to be a legal remedy for every possible risk nowadays. For those who want to have a safety net, they can resort to having prenuptial agreements. Reasons for Prenuptial Agreements Prenuptial agreements can cause drama– usually when there is a disparity of social class between the prospective husband and wife. However, when the prenuptial agreement is accepted, for most couples, it was nothing more than an […]

Why Millennials are Making Prenuptial Agreements

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When you are planning your wedding, the last thing on your mind is divorce. Also, the last thing you would want to talk about is money matters.  This is why it used to be very awkward to propose a prenuptial agreement. However, as more couples start to marry at a later age, they already have more individual assets accumulated. Thus, it is now worth the effort to enter a prenup or a premarital agreement. Inclusions in Prenups The key point in a premarital agreement is to protect individual assets from being included in the community property that must be divided […]

Can We Include Tax Returns in Prenup Agreements