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Before your attorney can answer any of your conservatorship questions, you will first need to provide information about you, your marriage and your family. First, there’s the basics. This includes your name, address and basically every significant information about you. You will also need to provide names, ages and other information about your children and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. The reason why you need to provide these to your attorney is simple: without this vital information, your attorney and the staff of the law firm won’t be able to prepare anything for your case. Or they could prepare for your case, […]

Does a DUI Affect Custody?

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All through life, we work hard, earn, and invest on properties. Being a single parent makes your hard work even double. You need to make decisions for the sake of your future and your children’s. What if something happens to you? What would be the outcome of your children? Of your properties? Estate planning is one of the most common options for planning ahead the management of your assets and the future of your children. Planning about your assets after your death might not be a pleasant thing to talk about but still, it does happen and it will happen. […]

A Guide on Estate Planning for Single Parents

Texas Child Support Net Resource
Child Support Monthly Net Resources I get a lot of people coming into my office confused about exactly what income counts for the purpose of determining child support. The answer is usually pretty much everything that can be proved as income counts for calculating child support, but there are a few limited exceptions to that. In order to determine the amount of child support under statutory guidelines, Texas law applies a percentage formula to the “monthly net resources” of one parent or conservator ( the “obligor”). The percentage changes based on the number of children involved starting at 20% for […]

Texas Child Support Calculation

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Void marriage in Texas is one of the topics we get asked about pretty often. If you have questions about void marriage in Texas, you can check out the ones we listed below for more information. We hope that this will help you have a better understanding of how and when a marriage is considered void in the state of Texas. Of course, there could be different circumstances surrounding your case which could have a huge impact on your case. Keep in mind that the questions and answers we included on this page are general ones, and you should talk […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Void Marriages in Texas

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What is Spousal Maintenance? Spousal Maintenance is a type of Spousal Support wherein a divorced person continues to support his or her ex-spouse after a divorce. This usually happens when the latter can prove to the court that he or she does not have the means to provide for himself or herself. It’s also awarded to an ex-spouse who is a person with disability or is in primary custody of a child with disability. The disability can either be physical or mental. In instances wherein one is convicted for an act of family violence during the marriage or while the […]

Spousal Maintenance and Alimony in Texas

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In this day and age, anything can be done with just a click of your desktop mouse. If you are using a smartphone, by pressing a few buttons on the screen. You can now monitor your child’s activities outside of the corners of your house with your phone. However, the contemporary way of keeping tabs of your child must be within the bounds of the law. That is why in Texas, although it is allowed to monitor your child’s cellphone with the use of spy or tracking applications, you must also meet the criteria and limitations imposed by law. Your […]

The Legalities of Spying on a Child’s Cellphone in Texas