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We’re practically surrounded by technology. In almost every aspect of our everyday lives, we at least have one interaction with some form of technology. There’s no avoiding it. Since technology is at our fingertips, it’s only natural that we make use of it to help better our lives. Instead of shying away from it, you might as well use the technology to help become better parents and improve how you take care of your children. If you want to have an idea on how to consider looking up these following smartphone apps. PBS Parents Play & Learn In this day […]

Best Parenting Apps You Need in 2019

life after divorce
Divorce is not an easy pill to swallow. It marks the end of a marriage, something most people have wanted for their entire lives. For anyone who believed in marriage and have made the effort to make the union work, this is a full-blown tragedy.  Considering these factors, there are some important reminders before you can truly move on with life after divorce. You can have a fulfilling life, but there are steps you need to take. Allow Time to Grieve  As mentioned, divorce is a tragic development for those who gave the effort. This is almost like a death […]

Life After Divorce