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Alimony is enforced after specific conditions in the Texas Family Code are satisfied. Courts in Texas ask for one spouse to offer support to the other spouse financially after their divorce. The recipient-spouse must first be qualified for the alimony.  One situation is upon the death of the recipient spouse and another is the remarrying of the recipient spouse. Spousal support can also terminated if the recipient-spouse cohabits with another. What is Cohabitation? When two people intimately involved are living together on a regular basis, they cohabit. This implies that the cohabitation rule is susceptible to many interpretations which can […]

Support When Cohabiting in Texas

As parents, you do whatever you can to give your children the best lives they could possibly have. This is whether or not you have the means to provide their necessities. However, there are people who feel like their children are burdensome. Some think kids are dead weight to their otherwise fun and single lives. When that happens, the environment in which the child lives may become unsafe for their wellbeing. Sad as that may be, it has become the reality for most children. When the child’s environment is unsafe, it can be harmful to their physical and mental wellbeing. […]

What is an Unsafe Environment for a Child?