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The primary law governing donations or gift-giving between spouses is Section 3.005 of the Texas Family Code. It states that the property given by the spouse to the other is presumed to be given as a gift. It includes all the income and property that may result from this property. The Texas marital property law follows the community property system. Community vs Separate Property Community property is the property owned by both husband and wife. This, of course, excludes those considered as their own separate property. Separate property is owned by either spouse prior to the marriage. However, property acquired […]

What About Gifts Between Spouses?

With the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, more people have started to face up to their own mortality. Add to the fact that senior citizens have been identified as a sector that is more vulnerable to the virus, then you suddenly have a steep rise in the urgency of preparing for the inevitable. If you need to accomplish your will or establish a special power of attorney, there are definite challenges since there are requirements for social distancing. Thus, it is a welcome development that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued an order that will temporarily permit regular notaries […]

Preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney with Social Distancing