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BV Acharya
  When your spouse cheats, you could feel overwhelmed by so many negative emotions that you might not know what to do. Cheating does not automatically mean a divorce, but it can definitely lead to it. Cheating is a personal matter that is right on top of the most challenging aspects of a family law case. In most family law cases, you will have to be engaged financially and logistically, as well as emotionally. When your spouse cheats, a family case that sprouts from his or her cheating behavior would be extra emotional, which would make the case challenging and […]

What to Do When Your Spouse Cheats in Texas

A Quick Guide to Divorce
Divorce, Custody, and Visitation in Texas: What You Need To Know Going through a divorce is hard business.  People from all around Texas and the rest of the country would agree with you on this.  It is easier though if you know what to expect.  Hopefully this can provide some information so that you can better know what to expect from a divorce, and what you need to know about custody and visitation in Texas. Divorce in Texas Divorce is the legal separation of a marriage.  In Texas divorce is also commonly referred to as the dissolution of marriage.  There are […]

Divorce, Custody, and Visitation in Texas

Many divorce cases can get contentious, especially with the issue of custody. No two divorces are alike, and despite Texas law trying to issue clear directives for many different scenarios, there are always grey areas that seem to have no definite answer. This is when the wisdom and prudence of the judge is placed at the forefront. How Mental Issues Affect Custody Mental illness has only been placed in general public awareness in recent years, and no two conditions are exactly alike. This makes it very difficult for the judge to determine custody and visitation rights when one of the […]

Mental Issues, Family Violence and Custody