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Child Pornography
There was a situation recently where a man was investigated by DFPS for having “sexually exploitative” images of children on his phone. Except that they were of his own children. For more context, there was at least one picture of his 8 year old naked while on vacation, and all of them were in the confines of normal behavior for children (the one naked image was skinny dipping). The photo clerk saw the pictures, and reported it to DFPS (the correct course of action when there is any doubt, in my opinion), and a shitstorm ensues. As you might imagine, […]

Child Pornography Laws and How they Affect You

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Most people are at least a little bit confused about the concept of “community property” which is basically property jointly owned by both spouses. The easiest way of understanding what is community property, is to first understand what is “separate property”.  In general, separate property is: property owned prior to marriage; property acquired at any time by gift or inheritance; recoveries for personal injuries sustained by a spouse during marriage (except for loss of earnings); In Texas, most everything else is separate property (with some exceptions).  People have some misconceptions about this, such as the idea that if only one person’s name is […]

Community Property

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There are times when a spouse is not sure about divorce. The spouse may only want some time alone, or there might just be a crisis they have to hurdle.  In any case, there are some counselors who would advise having time apart from each other. Are there any legal parameters for this kind of arrangement? Legal vs Trial Separation There are different types of separation. There is legal separation and trial separation.  In a legal separation, there is an agreement by both spouses that they would live apart. But legally, they would still be married. The usual question is: […]

Trial Separation in Texas

A grandparent can have a number of different roles in every child’s life. Some grandparents are relatives that kids see every now and then. Others are like another set of parents that help take care of them. Whatever the situation, grandparents are family. Many family members will do their part in helping out. In some instances, though, grandparents end up becoming more than just a relative. Some assume loads more responsibilities over their grandchildren. A court case is one of those situations where this can be seen. Testifying for Their Grandchild In some families, grandparents become more hands-on and involved […]

A Grandparent’s Role in A Juvenile Court Case