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Life may not turn out how we want it to be. It’s not even covered with the glitters, sparkles, and unicorn riding in rainbows. Frequently, it is brutal and unforgiving. The same goes for marriage. It can start from the most romantic story from a well-written fictional book, but it may end with two broken hearts, two broken persons and God forbid, children that will forever be affected with the life-altering decision to split. But, if the latter took place and you are now on your separate ways, living life without the pain of yesterday, how can you possibly even […]

How to Communicate With Your Ex During the Divorce

A premarital agreement is a legal contract that addresses the rights of prospective spouses over marital assets in the event of a divorce or even death. This becomes especially valuable in a community property state, such as Texas. Both spouses have equal ownership over assets during the course of the marriage. While it is preferable to imagine a divorce-free marriage on the horizon, premarital agreements work to protect both parties. It also seeks to protect their individual assets. A premarital agreement can help set a financially secure lifestyle after divorce. Even without thinking of divorce, discussions brought up during premarital […]

What is Required for Validity of a Premarital Agreement in Texas?