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Seeking Legal Advice From a Car Accident Attorney
Aiming for a successful divorce is probably what everybody undergoing a divorce have in mind. Unfortunately, there are no classes you can take to ensure that your divorce will end successfully. The good news is you can hire a family law attorney who can be with you at each step of the divorce. This way you will get professional advice and you can also have all the information you need to have a successful divorce. If you want to easily have a successful divorce, experienced family law attorneys have a couple of tips for you. These tips will help them […]

6 Tips for a Smoother Divorce

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If you were part of a messy divorce procedure, chances are trouble will follow you as well. Of course, nobody wants that – getting through the constant court hearings, mediations, or arguments were already exhausting enough. Sometimes, though, these things are just beyond your control.  Your ex-spouse, for instance, can be giving you headaches post-dissolution and you don’t know how to respond to it. Calling your attorney when this happens might be the right thing to do. They can advise you on how to deal with the matter at hand and provide remedies to the issues. Your lawyer can also […]

The Right Time to Seek Attorneys Post-Dissolution

We’re already halfway through the year and it still looks like this pandemic’s far from being over. While other countries are having more success dealing with it, the US still has a pretty long way to go. This pandemic has affected several aspects of our everyday lives. The best way to deal with it is to adjust the way we live in the meantime. Sadly, even things such as custody orders are affected. But to what extent? The State You’re In Each state may have its own unique rules and orders. The state of Texas has a stay-at-home order. Citizens […]

Can I Be Denied Custody Because of Covid-19?

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They say you get to know your partner more when you start living together under the same roof. Learn how to work with your partner to pay for bills and more importantly, do chores. A “traditional” marriage is letting the woman stay at home and do all the dirty work. This is obviously unfair treatment, especially when the husband isn’t doing anything to help. This might cause problems in the long run. Now, it’s different and more progressive: Couples work as a team to make their marriage work and last a long, long time. So, how do you split the […]

How to Divide Chores at Home for a Lasting Marriage

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It is normal to be anxious about many things when thinking about getting a Texas divorce. You may have heard of horror stories about getting a divorce from your friends or acquaintances who have been through it. It’s difficult not to feel anxious when there is a possibility that something unpleasant will suddenly pop up before or after the Texas divorce has been finalized. Your spouse’s hidden assets could be one of these things. It will surely be complicated to deal with it especially when you don’t really know anything about it. The Basics of Hiding Assets in a Texas Divorce […]

Dealing with Your Spouse’s Hidden Assets in a Texas Divorce

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It is easy when things don’t go your way, and a judge decrees something that you find to be horrible, to blame the judge (they are the determiners of fact after all!) and assume that a different judge would have gotten you a different outcome. Sometimes, this is the case. Judges do have wide discretion in determining who they believe and what weight to give various facts. However, in many situations, the conclusion is all but written in stone based on the law, and the judge is merely the person who is relaying that information to you. This is especially […]

Divorce: Blame the Law Not the Judge