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Divorce is a major blow for anyone and for a disabled spouse, going through a divorce might prove to be almost life-threatening. There will be a lot of considerations that you need to think about if you are contemplating on getting a divorce and either you or your spouse is disabled. The person who is disabled will need an able and expert attorney by his or her side to protect his or her rights. There are some pertinent issues that you will have to consider when contemplating divorce with a disabled spouse. Check them out below: 1. Can a disabled […]

Things to Know when Filing for Divorce with a Disabled Spouse

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Marriage is hard work. It’s a job that can either make or break you as an individual. Just like any other relationship, it has a possibility of ending. And just like any other relationship, the sole cause of it all ending could start with simple words. Words, after all, can do so much. Among the several things that people say in a marriage, there are a few that can really do a lot of damage. Divorce Threatening for a divorce, whether or not you actually mean it, is one thing that can lead to your marriage ending. Think about it. […]

Words that Can End a Marriage

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Emotional maturity is needed to maintain the minimum level of civility and respect for co-parenting. Going through something as difficult as divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster ride. A lot of good and bad things will be rehashed during the divorce that can cause immaturity of both parties. The parties should keep in mind that they are two consenting and mature adults when they married. It should follow that they be the same two consenting and mature adults in the divorce proceedings.  Emotional maturity varies from person to person. Each and every one of us has a different perspective of […]

How to Deal With the Emotional Components of Divorce

To put it simply, the answer to “Can I hire a lawyer just to give me advice” is: Yes. It’s always a good idea to hire a lawyer anyway. There are plenty of reasons why a person should hire a lawyer. This is even for the simple reason of just getting legal advice. In Texas Law, this is called “Limited Scope Representation.” Limited Scope Representation Legal representation means paying for different fees and costs. This is not to mention the additional charges your lawyer may request for. Limited Scope Representation makes legal help affordable. This is by simplifying the work […]

Getting a Lawyer in Texas for 2021