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When a person suddenly disappears from society and stays that way for some time, it will surely be alarming. There are times when people become untraceable and unreachable. In those cases, filing missing person report might not be enough. Here is where the term presumption of death comes in. Despite no clear or direct evidence of death, any person declared missing or absenting himself from civil practice for seven successive years will be legally presumed dead. Unless there is viable proof that he is, indeed, alive within that seven-year period, according to the Texas Law.  Presumption of death may have […]

Presumption of Death in Texas

After your divorce, getting over your ex is the next thing you are going to worry about. You begin to ask yourself “how do I move on?” Eventually, you will find yourself googling this on your phone. People will start giving you advice on what to do next and telling you to meet new people. Before you even get into it, understand first what moving on is. To move on does not mean to hate, nor does it mean to be indifferent. It does not mean winning the breakup or being in another relationship. To move on means not investing […]

On Love and Divorce: Can We Really Move On from Our Exes?