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A non-custodial parent is the one who does not have primary physical custody over his or her children. However, it is possible for a non-custodial parent to have legal custody, even though he or she lacks physical custody of the children. Many non-custodial parents are actively involved in the lives of their children and they also  enjoy liberal visitation rights and they pay child support. Other than the basic duties that a parent should give to a child such as providing the primary needs, rearing the child into becoming a better citizen and of course, loving them and making sure […]

Responsibilities of the Non-Custodial Parent

When filing for a SAPCR suit, knowing where to file it is quite important. It should be filed before the correct court so that the suit will be recognized and heard. Otherwise, the suit might be dismissed. A court must have jurisdiction to hear a case that a party has filed against another. In Texas, jurisdictional requirements must be present before a case is heard. One of the parties of the case must have been a resident in Texas for the past six (6) months and a resident of the county where the case has been filed for a period […]

Effect of Filing a SAPCR Suit in More than One Court in Texas